About Us

Helping Business Recycle since 2009

Helping the Pacific Northwest Recycle

Since 2009

K&S Recycling has been helping commercial and industrial businesses in the Pacific Northwest improve their recycling programs since 2009. We are a family owned business with personnel and operations located throughout the region and have over 100 years of experience in pulp and paper, recycling, manufacturing and solid waste.  Contact us today to see how we can meet your recycling needs.

Reducing Cost, Increasing Efficiency

We pull more materials from the landfill, reduce disposal costs, and create efficiencies in utilizing equipment more effectively. This may include recommending replacement of old inefficient equipment.

Improved Products, Improved Revenues

K&S Recycling improves the value of the product generated, by improving the density and integrity of the bale itself.  We look at transportation of materials as an opportunity to improve revenue by maximizing the weights on a truckload.

Increased Awareness, Superior Service

We strive to make customers aware of additional opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint and improve solid waste and recycling programs, and we pride ourselves in offering superior service. 

Ready to improve your recycling program?

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